Apply For NTU Research Scholarship, Singapore. (Fully Funded) 

NTU Research Scholarship

NTU Research Scholarship, Singapore. (Fully Funded) 

Scholarship Description:

NTU Research Scholarship, Singapore. (Fully Funded) is open for International Students and domestic Students. The scholarship allows Graduate level programs (s) in the field of All Subjects taught at Nanyang Technical University. The deadline for the scholarship is Open. The NTU Research Scholarship is awarded to outstanding graduate students for research.

Why NTU?

Studying at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore as an international student can be a rewarding and enriching experience. Here are some key aspects of what it’s like to study at NTU as an international student:  Academic Excellence:

NTU is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs across various disciplines. The university’s commitment to academic excellence ensures that you receive a high-quality education.

Diverse and Inclusive: NTU is a diverse and inclusive institution, welcoming students from all around the world. As an international student, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with peers from different cultures and backgrounds, fostering a global perspective.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: NTU boasts modern and state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped libraries, research centers, laboratories, and recreational areas. These facilities contribute to a conducive learning environment.

Support Services: NTU offers a range of support services for international students, including orientation programs, academic advising, career counseling, and assistance with visa and immigration matters. There are also dedicated offices to assist with international student needs.

Cultural Experience: Singapore is a vibrant and multicultural city, and studying at NTU allows you to immerse yourself in this rich cultural tapestry. You can explore a variety of cuisines, festivals, and cultural events in Singapore.

Language of Instruction: While English is the primary language of instruction at NTU, the multicultural environment means you’ll have the opportunity to interact with people who speak a variety of languages. This can be a great way to improve your language skills.

Research Opportunities: NTU is known for its research excellence. If you’re pursuing a research-based program, you’ll have access to cutting-edge research facilities and the chance to work with leading academics in your field.

Career Opportunities: Singapore is a global business and financial hub, and studying at NTU can provide you with networking opportunities and access to internships and job placements. The university has strong connections with industries and businesses.

Quality of Life: Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the safest and most livable cities globally. The efficient public transportation system, excellent healthcare, and a high standard of living contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable life as a student.

Global Alumni Network: NTU has a vast alumni network around the world. As a graduate, you’ll be part of this network, which can offer valuable connections and opportunities in your career.

Overall, studying at NTU as an international student can be a transformative experience that equips you with a world-class education, a global perspective, and the skills and knowledge to succeed in your chosen field.

Degree Level:

NTU Research Scholarship, Singapore. (Fully Funded) is available to undertake Graduate level programs at Nanyang Technical University.

Available Subjects:

The following subjects are available to study under this scholarship program. All Subjects.

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Eligible Nationalities:

This scholarship is open to domestic and international students of all nationalities.

Eligibility Criteria:

This scholarship is available to both local and international students who are applying for full-time enrollment in a Graduate Research program at NTU. Eligible candidates must have attained a minimum of Honours (Distinction) or its equivalent academic qualification.

Application Procedure: Click here to apply.

Successful candidates will be informed of the outcome of their application together with the offer of admissions via email.

They are required to observe the terms and conditions for the award of the Scholarship.

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