Jobs in Portugal for Foreigners, Expats, English Speakers

Jobs in Portugal for Foreigners

Jobs in Portugal for Foreigners, Expats, English Speakers

Jobs in Portugal for Foreigners 2021, Find the Latest Work Opportunities as Expats, English Speakers: Depending on your abilities and the field you choose to work in, the variety of employment available to freshers, ex-pats, English speakers in Portugal varies greatly. This post will provide you with an overview of jobs in Portugal for foreigners as well as an understanding of the in-demand occupations that are accessible to apply for.

People of all other EU members are free to work in Portugal as a foreigner without a permit. These people don’t need a visa, though they can apply for a permanent residence permit within six months of moving to Portugal for employment. The citizens beyond the EU nationalities must obtain a visa and work permit from the country of origin to immigrate to Portugal.

Whether you are from EU states or Non-EU states, finding the best employment opportunity in Portugal can be difficult, if you are not researching the proper career opportunities. If you’re preparing to move to Portugal or have already immigrated there, you’ll probably need to look for the best job vacancies in Portugal for foreigners. Depending on your skills, abilities, and the field you choose to work in, a variety of vacancies are available to ex-pats and English speakers in Portugal.

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Availability Jobs in Portugal for Foreigners

If you’re looking to work in Portugal as a foreign worker, we have prepared a useful guide to find jobs in Portugal and the requirements for Portuguese work permits. As Portugal recovers from its economic crisis, job opportunities have risen slightly in recent years. It will be a great chance for finding good jobs in Portugal suitable to your qualifications and skills and abilities.

Over the last five years, Lisbon has become a great destination for employment opportunities increasing the number of available jobs for foreigners in Portugal. Being the site of the Web Summit has undoubtedly contributed to this increase in start-up activity. There are thousands of job openings for freshers, college graduates, students, professional ex-pats, and English speakers as well.

In-Demand Jobs in Portugal for Immigrants [with Salary]

The most in-demand jobs in Portugal are in the sectors of healthcare (doctors and especially nurses), tourism (hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc.), communication (call centers), IT jobs, and Admin jobs.

For reference, we provide a list of these high demanding jobs, along with other common professions, and the average annual salary of each position.

High Demand Jobs and Average Annual Salaries in Portugal

Accountant 55 21,000 23,000
Architect 24 20,000 22,000
Doctor, general practice 65 25,800 28,500
Help desk technician 80 10,000 11,000
Hotel manager 25 80,000 88,500
Marketing Manager 120 27,000 29,700
Call Center Agent 140 14,000 17,500
Nurse 480 12,000 13,200
Product Manager 54 39,000 42,900
Receptionist 65 12,700 14,000
Cashier 40 11,500 13,000
Software Engineer 45 22,000 24,200
Teacher 125 13,000 14,300
UX Designer 24 22,000 24,200
Web Developer 30 15,000 16,500

Some other in-demand job vacancies for foreigners in Portugal are:

  • Web developers (backend and frontend)
  • Sales representatives
  • Waitstaff
  • Bartenders
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Housekeeper
  • Customer support (not only in call center’s but also in multinational companies with offices in Portugal)
  • Team supervisors
  • Online gaming support
  • Real estate agents
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Accountants
  • Project managers
  • Mobile App Developers

Applying for Permanent Residency in Portugal as Foreign Workers

Are you looking for how to apply for a permanent residency visa in Portugal as a foreigner who has a valid work permit visa? If yes, we have a great solution for you. In Portugal, you can apply for permanent residency after holding five years temporary resident card, which can be a work permit (usually granted for one year the first time and then for two years after each renewal).

The decision can be given on the day of the appointment, where you submit the application and have a short interview with a SEF officer. This application shall include all the mandatory documents in a full complete file. The permanent residence permit has no limit of validity. However, the residence permit must be renewed every five years or whenever there is a change in the identification elements registered therein.

How to Find Best Job Opportunities in Portugal for Immigrants?

With such strong competition for employment opportunities, European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) nationals should start looking for jobs as early as possible. If you’re a foreigner and from outside the EU, you’ll need to search for and secure a job before moving to Portugal.

For online job applications, some employers, recruiters may ask general questions while others focus on open-ended questions. You should write a cover letter not exceeding one side of the A4 paper. You can create a CV as long as it covers your all skillsets. But it’s still advisable to cover up within two pages. Unless otherwise specified, all job applications should be sent in Portuguese.

Networking is essential for foreign workers hoping to find a better job and speculative applications are welcomed, particularly at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Many companies screen candidates through multiple rounds of interviews, as well as psychometric or technical testing. It may take some time to learn the outcome of interviews, so be patient.

There are a sufficient number of employers and recruitment agencies in Portugal where you can find your dream job vacancies. You can also explore several job boards, online job portals to look for the latest job updates. We have listed some genuine job sites and recruitment agencies in Portugal that will help you find a suitable position for you. We encourage you to give a try to these job boards listed below:

  • Indeed: It is the world’s largest job board which helps you to find the best jobs in Portugal for foreigners.
  • LinkedIn: Create a profile where you can get alerted by the most suitable job openings in Portugal.
  • Glassdoor: This job network lists the latest job vacancies available for hire in Portugal.
  • Job in Lisbon: One of the most popular job boards in Portugal that updates hundreds of career opportunities daily.
  • Net Empregos: A Portuguese website that offers exciting vacancies for job seekers.
  • Empregos Online: Another Portuguese job portal where hundreds of jobs are waving you to join immediately.
  • Hays: The international website provides outstanding job offers for foreign workers in Portugal.

How to Get a Work Visa in Portugal as a Foreigner?

Getting a job offer from a Portuguese employer is the simplest approach to obtain a work visa for Portugal as a foreigner. Your job offer will be sent to Portuguese authorities, who will begin the visa process. Then you have to fill out a visa application in your home country and send it to your local consulate.

Requirements to Obtain a Work Visa and Permit in Portugal

Along with a completed visa application, the following documents must be submitted for candidates to obtain a visa in Portugal as foreign workers:

  • A valid passport that has a minimum of two blank pages
  • A letter of invitation from the employer or other documentation showing the purpose of the trip
  • Proof of health insurance and accident insurance
  • A passport photo in color
  • Biometric data such as fingerprints and digital photos for facial recognition
  • Documented flight reservations
  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal, such as an address of residence or a hotel reservation

A visa will grant entrance to Portugal for foreign workers. There’s a separate process for obtaining a work permit. To apply for a work permit or Autorização de Trabalho, employees must have to submit the following documents:

  • A valid Portuguese residence visa
  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal
  • A valid passport
  • Two passport photos in color
  • Pertinent tax documents
  • Background checks for criminal record
  • An employment contract
  • Proof of registration with Social Security

Latest Jobs in Portugal [List of Job Vacancies] 2021

Experienced Auto or Motorcycle Painter Needed Portugal Apply
Full-time construction/remodeling workers. Portugal Apply
Network Engineer – Network Technician (wired/wi-fi) Portugal Apply
Works Coordinator for Paris-Engineer (preferably) Portugal Apply
Experienced Auto or Motorcycle Painter Portugal Apply
IMMEDIATE ENTRY – CLEAN carpenters 10€ – 17€ Portugal Apply
Zone Manager (m/f) Portugal Apply
National Service Driver / Iberian Service Driver Portugal Apply
Real Estate Asset Manager Portugal Apply
Sales back office – Laboratory service (Physical Textile & Chemical) Portugal Apply
Commercial / Real Estate Consultant (M/F) – All Country Portugal Apply
Receptionist – Night Auditor (Quinta do Lago Group/ The Magnolia Hotel – (M/F) Portugal Apply
Portuguese Republic Information System intends to recruit collaborators (m/f) Portugal Apply
Portuguese Republic Information System intends to recruit employees (m/f) with 12th grade Portugal Apply
Customer Support representative – Swedish Speaking Portugal Apply
ERA Agent – Vila do Conde Portugal Apply
Commercial Consultant for Cascais, Oeiras and Lisbon – Full/Part-Time (M/F) Portugal Apply
Junior Asset Manager Portugal Apply
Warehouse Assistant (3 vacancies) – Santo Tirso Portugal Apply
Civil Construction Company Admits Construction Worker for Lisbon Portugal Apply
Secretariat Technician (ref. SC0357-2021) Portugal Apply
Official Electricians and/or Project Manager – immediate entry Lisbon Portugal Apply
Construction Carpenters – Plakists – Formwork Carpenters – Norway 2021 Portugal Apply
Production worker / Sewing machine specialist Portugal Apply
Maintenance Technician (m/f) – Marinha Grande Portugal Apply
Cleaning lady Portugal Apply
Certified Accountant for Financial Controller position for Greater Porto Portugal Apply
Customer Manager (m/f) 4 vacancies Portugal Apply
Clean Carpenter / Team Leaders Needed Portugal Apply
New Opportunity to Work in the Republic of Ireland Portugal Apply
Elderly Caregivers for the Republic of Ireland Portugal Apply
Caregivers for the Elderly in the Republic of Ireland Portugal Apply
Real Estate Consultant (Free Training and no initial investment) Portugal Apply
We are recruiting a CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANT for the Albufeira office Portugal Apply
Motorcycle mechanic or apprentice Portugal Apply
We are hiring! Data / Software Testers (excellent salary) Portugal Apply
Waiter (m/f) – Eurotel Height Portugal Apply
Electricity Officer / South Bank Portugal Apply
Customer Manager Portugal Apply
Cold Technician (M/F) – Rio Maior Portugal Apply
Maintenance Technician (M/F) – Rio Maior Portugal Apply
Auto Electrician (M/F) – Estarreja Portugal Apply
Warehouse Operator (M/F) – Oliveira do Bairro Portugal Apply
Commercial Call Center Operator – Lisbon Portugal Apply
Programmer Portugal Apply
Administrative support Portugal Apply
After-sales technical assistance, precision equipment Portugal Apply
Physiotherapist – Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Braga Portugal Apply
Education Technician, Level IV Portugal Apply
German translators for German construction sites Portugal Apply
Electric and telecommunications helper Portugal Apply
Professional Internship F/M Management and/Economics Portugal Apply
Senior Hygiene and Safety Technician Portugal Apply
Accounting Technician (m/f) Portugal Apply
Accounting Technician for Faro Portugal Apply
Certified Accountant (M/F) Portugal Apply
M/F Client Manager immediate entry – Amadora Portugal Apply
Operational Technician for the specialized area of ​​loss detection and control. Portugal Apply
Pharmacy Technician or Pharmacist Portugal Apply
Commercial Real Estate Sales Full Time / Part-Time Portugal Apply


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