Apply For Scholarship In Ireland – Government Of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2021

Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2021

The Government of Ireland announced the 2021 Postgraduate Scholarship for international students from different parts of the world. The Postgraduate Scholarship in Ireland is one of the excellent initiatives by the department of higher education. The scholarships are available for Masters and Ph.D. Degree programs.

Scholarship In Ireland – Government Of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2021:
Ireland is one of the best countries for higher education in the world. Every year millions of students come to Ireland for their studies and jobs. The government of Ireland welcomes international talented students by supporting their financial issues for study in Ireland.

The government of Ireland offers an International Scholarship for undergraduate, Masters’s, and Ph.D. Studies every year for worldwide students. The Scholarship in Ireland is funded by The Government of Ireland-International Education Scholarship (GOI-IES) and the Department of Further and, higher education, Research, Innovation, and Science.

The aim is to support international students to study in Ireland by assisting them in a world-class learning environment, offer quality-oriented teaching, and professional research in scientific labs. The international students meet the international community and become part of different human development projects. According to the information collected in 2019 alone, there are about a total of over €13.6 million on 809 Government of Ireland Postgraduate scholarships offered in previous years.

About Ireland Government Scholarship:

Presently, the Government of Ireland offers the Postgraduate Scholarship 2021 Program which is established by the national initiative and funded by the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation, and Science and is managed by the Ireland Council. The scholarship is available to pursue Masters’s and Ph.D and Degree programs. The Ireland scholarship 2021 will be offered in all academic fields and majors across all fields and disciplines, from archaeology to zoology.

The program provides outstanding students with the great opportunity to study in Ireland with their own choice of research work at the early-career stage and working with a professional faculty member, according to their chosen area of interest. All the academic program instructions are in English.

These scholarships are available in different universities in Ireland. A student who have a good academic record can apply. This is a highly paid and competitive scholarship in Ireland by the government. . All selected applicant will get a good amount of stipend that support their tuition fees, and research support.

Host Country: Study in Ireland

Host University: Multiple Universities of Ireland

Scholarships Offered By: Ireland Government

Scholarships Coverage: Highly Funded Scholarship

Degree Level: Masters, and Ph.D. Degree Programs in all fields

What Are The Benefits Of Scholarship In Ireland?
As the Ireland Government is a funded scholarship for international students at different Ireland universities. It has the following:

1. A Stipend of €16,000 will be offered every year, which is enough to cover expenses during the study in Ireland.
2. Fee contribution, including non-EU fees Funds, provides up to €5,750/year
3. Research Funds Support of €2,250/year will be offered to every student.

What Subjects Are Available For Study In Ireland Under Government Scholarship?
As mentioned, All academic fields and majors are available for Postgraduate. Ireland Government Scholarship for Masters and Ph.D. Studies.

Host Eligible Institutions:

Eligible Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), as given below;

1. Dublin Dental Hospital
2. Dundalk Institute of Technology
3. Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology
4. Galway–Mayo Institute of Technology
5. Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
6. Institute of Technology, Sligo
7. Institute of Technology, Tralee
8. Letterkenny Institute of Technology
9. Limerick Institute of Technology
10. Mary Immaculate College, Limerick
11. Maynooth University
12. National College of Ireland
13. Institute of Technology, Carlow
14. National University of Ireland, Galway
15. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
16. Royal Irish Academy
17. Royal Irish Academy of Music
18. Technological University Dublin
19. Athlone Institute of Technology
20. Coláiste Mhuire Marino
21. Cork Institute of Technology
22. Dublin City University
23. University College Cork
24. University College Dublin
25. University of Dublin, Trinity College
26. University of Limerick
27. Waterford Institute of Technology

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship?

The Application requirement for the Ireland Government Scholarship is as follows.

1. The Applicant must be an international students from any part of the world.
2. The Applicant must hold a Bachelors/Undergraduate Degree for Masters Degree from a recognized institution.
3. The Applicant must hold a Masters Degree for Ph.D. Degree from a recognized institution.
4. An applicant must not be enrolled in any Council Postgraduate Scholarship before apply.
4. For more information, please read the eligibility criteria of the university where you are applying.

Apply: Emory University

What Documents Are Required For Apply?
The list of documents is given below:

1. The highest degree diploma verified with official stamps should be uploaded.
2 The highest degree Transcript verified with official stamps should be uploaded.
3. Recommendation Letters
4. Passport Scan
5. CV (Curriculum Vitae)
6. Photographs
7. Personal Statements
8. For more information please check the official requirement during the application online.

Deadline For Government Of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2021:
The deadline to apply for the Scholarship in Ireland is 29 October 2020.

How To Apply For Government Of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2021?
There are many scholarships that are available at the Irish Research Portal. An applicant must apply only for one scholarship theme only. The student has to register on the Application Portal provided by the Irish Research Council. After that Sign up, fill the online form according to the requirements, and submit your application.

1. International Applicants are required to create an account first and fill the online application form. Online Application Portal
2. Fill the application form according to the given requirements. An applicant who applies for a strategic funding partner scholarship program will also be considered for the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2021.
3. Submit your application.
4. You can also visit the official announcement about scholarships.

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